Alby There For You.

Hey Cado fans everywhere,

While looking at all the wonderful film blogs, I realized I forgot to write mine last week! Oops, safe to say we were absolutely SWAMPED with editing, reshooting, and making special effects. (THANKS RORY!) Seriously that kid is amazing.

I would like to start out by saying how much I appreciate this crew.  Everyone worked their butts off! All last week, and up until Tuesday, April 30th (due date), the Avocado crew was hard at work tryna finish up a great film–with the occasional chipotle break!  Every time we watched a clip, I thought back to when we shot that scene, and then ahead to where we are now.  It is amazing to see the transformation of a crew and the acting when the final product is created.  When the movie was in the rough cut, it was actually 34 minutes.  Where were we going to cut all of four minutes you ask?  Well, Mr. Alan had no problem whatsoever cutting clips, that’s for sure.  However, when it came down to the nitty-gritty, we were able to put back in some really funny moments.

I would really like to thank Brian Hazerjian, Jimmy Martin, Caleb Cofsky (who is also Cary Greenwright) and Chris Nee for stepping up for our movie when we needed some music. We couldn’t have done it without them, and like they always say: music can really make a movie. I believe Alby really exceeded all expectations and we really pulled it off! Its safe to say that when I watched the final movie, I had zero regrets.

In the meantime during film class, (while there isn’t anyone yelling, “Go change!” or “Get the camera card!” or “Are you working off the card?” and running around like maniacs) we are making our trailer and blooper reel.  So get ready for that, peeps.

Alby premiers Tuesday May 14th, at 7:00pm. BE THERE OR BE A SQUISHED AVOCADO.

Gracias mis amigos,

Ashley Waldron 🙂


Avocado Fact of the Day: The avocado is also called an Alligator Pear because of its pear-like shape and green skin. (That’s right folks. Don’t mess with us, or we will chomp your head off! KIDDING.)

First Post

Somehow I’ve gone an entire year sitting on the computer and haven’t managed to write a blog yet.  But here I am.  The filmings going really well.  We just shot our scene in a Zumba workout class that was fairly difficult to organize with the gym we went to, so it was nice to know that was out of the way.  We’ve also filmed a couple major scenes in last 2 weeks and also got some shots we missed or didn’t have time to get the first time around.

So as far as my work in the past couple weeks, the editing has really become heavy in last couple weeks, but with basketball season over, I have plenty of time to stay after and finish my work.  Yesterday I had to stay through dinner in order to learn Adobe After Effects for a couple special effects we want to include such as a “poof” when an angel appears in the room.  Today, I’m going to have to go through 15 or so minutes of Jackie dancing the Zumba at a notably mostly women workout class.  But it is anything but tedious because I have to say Jackie actually has sort of a knack for the Zumba so its pretty funny.

So I guess the theme of ending our blogs is to include a fun fact about the Avocado.  And in my research on the Avocado I stumbled upon some facts relating to some of the fruits for the different crews…

-Pineapples are known to cause swelling and tenderness to the lips, inner cheek and tongue according to

-Many cucumbers around the world have recently become infected with E-Coli according to

-There have been numerous reported deaths relating to the swallowing of Plum Stones, the hard outer shell surrounding the seed at the core of a Plum according to

-To this day, no one outside of the Wombat Crew has ever heard of a Wombat Berry.

-By process of elimination, the Avocado is the superior fruit in existence today.

By: AJ Quinlan


Week of the Computer

Hello to everyone who follows the ‘Cado Crew as we continue producing Alby.  This is my first time blogging for Avocado, so my post will be different from what Matt, Cat, AJ, or Ashley might write, but I hope you can get through it.

This week we’ve been finishing up some scenes that we just weren’t satisfied with, mainly our scenes in the nurse’s office and the hallway outside the auditorium.  But because we needed only a little more for each scene we finished them up quickly by Tuesday; as a result we’ve spent most of our time behind computers this week editing those clips.   AJ and Ashley have been focused mostly on editing the scene in which Jackie Skypes with Mr. Bakale.  We didn’t actually use Skype, so we’ve had to use some careful and detailed digital magic to make this scene look believable and enjoyable.

As an Art Director for the ‘Cado crew, I followed along with our actors and directors to shoot and reshoot each of the 3 scenes so that we can position the camera in the best possible place.We ended up making quite a few changes to the scene outside the hallway, the best one being that we put Jackie right between Caleb and Jen, which forced Jackie to look squished while making comments to Caleb.

This week hasn’t been spent much outside filming scenes so far, but we’ve still gotten a lot of work done and are moving along by putting what we have done together to bring some of the most important scenes of Alby together.

Fun Avocado Fact of the week: The actual Avocado fruit on an Avocado plant can vary in weight dramatically, from 3.5 oz. to 35 oz.-so some avocados on one plant can be 10 times as big as those on another!

Have a good week,

Tyler Paslaski: Art Director, Inexperienced blogger


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve filmed some of the biggest scenes so we’re in the process of editing them. Jackie and Caleb are filming a scene in the nurses office today and Matt is in the “zone” for his big game tonight. Good luck Matt! Cado is up to a lot of things we’re really excited fro the way the movie is coming out and are excited to shoot scenes with spader soon! We are trying out some really cool effects ( I hope they work out). We also may be planning a field trip to a fire place store in holliston to film with Mr. Erker! Mr. Erker is getting ready for his big film debut, his character is so funny!


Yola from Cado’s Corner!

Jackie Ash and I just got back from Alby’s mess of a room and a nice Cado lunch date. Yesterday was quite the day for us; we came here bright and early (but not too early) to decorate Plimpton for our big cloud scene. We missed most of our nine art directors, but Cado always pulls through. Let me tell you, by the time we were ready to film, Plimpton looked AH-MAZING. The wings Ash made for Bakale looked perfectly angelic, and the brownies she brought were delicious. We didn’t get the whole cloud scene because we’re waiting for Spader, but we got a bunch filmed. It was great times.

Gotta go win some music trivs, stay tuned for more Cado updates!Image




Avacado fact of the day: Avocados were once a luxury food reserved for the tables of royalty, but now are enjoyed around the world by people from all walks of life

*Always remember: Calm Cado Collective

Vacation…eat. sleep. film.

Vacation cant come soon enough. We are planning on shooting some big scenes over vacation! Today jackie, ash, and aj are filiming at bird middle school. Aj is making his acting debut…You go Adam! Good luck to Caleb this weekend at Sectionals, he is the one seed at 132 pounds and we are hoping he can bring home the title. We cant wait to sleep, eat avacados and film our big heaven scene in plimpton! Plimpton is all painted and ready to go! Matty J has been editing up a storm, we cant wait to see his hard work! Cat is just art directing like a pro though she hasnt done anything. Early this week we had Harrison Berkland, Wesley Doolan and James Smith make appearances in our movie!

Cado fact of the day: The average mass of an avocado is 7.5 ounces

-Jen & Kitty Kat

Superlatives Day

So today is superlatives day for us seniors, and rumors are spreading like wildfire. One thing that is for sure though is that Cado’s own Jen McDonald ran away with the Least Common Sense category. We’ll get our conformation this afternoon at PLC, but hey, when a Cado wins something, people care. That’s why this town is going to b crazy come May (hint hint). I mean, with a crew like this, how can we be stopped. The largest of all period 6 crews consisting of the best people in period 6, the only thing in our way is ourselves. And apparently we are pretty big. The upstairs room in Plimpton have been thoroughly beautified (to no avail, for we STILL haven’t made it to the nest), we have shot a few more scenes, and above all, AJ and myself have begun to learn the art of Adobe Premier. To say the least, Cado is killing it. As we speak, the other half of Cado (Jack, Caleb, TPaz, Jen, and Ashley, with assistance from the notorious Catherine Murphy) is off at the Gately household filming while I blog away, and AJ kills the editing on computer 2. Keeps your eyes peeled people. This is one spring you’re not going to want to miss.


PS) One avocado tree can produce up to 600 pounds of avocado a year. Thats a lot of guacamole!



Hello from the Land of Cado,

Yesterday we made a breakthrough in our film process.  During one of our scenes, Cary had to throw up, because he was shocked to find out that Alby is his guardian angel.  Instead of cheating this, and typically not showing actual throw up in the shot, we decided to go out on a limb.  (That’s where the fruit is, right?) Therefore, throw up will be shown in the movie, no exceptions.  Beware, this is NOT for the weak stomachs out there.  So how did we make it? The throw up consisted of Ritz crackers, goldfish (for a hint of yellow), and water.  It’s gross.  Caleb, being such a willing person, had to throw up about 3 times.  A nice angel story? Not so much.

In other news, we have decided to start painting the big room upstairs in Plimpton School.  We are starting this Friday after exams, with everybody from our crew and art direction crew to help.  Now, the room is pretty old, not ideal for our cloud scene.  However, after moving some furniture and putting down some tarps, we can strip the yellowish oldness from the room and transform it into a bright white room with a fresh coat of paint.  Plus, with a new fresh look, the light coming in through the giant windows will be even brighter, which is perfect for a heavenly cloud.  Speaking of the cloud scene, AJ just started learning how to use After Effects, a new editing program.  This program will help us achieve many special effects necessary to make the cloud a reality.  Stay tuned folks.

See you on the flip side,



Hola mis amigos,

On Wednesday of this week, we took a little road trip to Jackie’s house!  Gathered around the dining room table, we filmed our first scene for the year. This was part of the longer montage scene, where Alby is training Cary to become a dancer/smooth-talker.  Although they had memorized their lines, it was still a little nerve-wracking, being the first shoot and all.  This was actually my first time filming, so I kept fixing the focusing lens.  Also, I almost broke my camera, and killed the family fish.  Good thing neither happened, although I did knock down the window shade.

I’d like to comment on the acting too, from Caleb and Jackie.  Since Caleb has stepped up to the lead role of Cary on such short notice, he has already been impressive.  From reading the entire script, to scavenging through piles of clothes at the Salvation Army to find the perfect pair of floral pants, he is clearly invested in this project.  We were fortunate to have Matt Landry join us during this first scene to help out with the lines.  Tip: The hard “c” sound actually adds the the comedic flair of a line, believe it or not.  Anyways, we think the scene came out really well done, especially with the acting part.  I also want to say that our lighting for the scene worked out really well, expect more cool shots in the near and distant future. SEE YOU NEXT TIME.

Peace out,

Ashley W.